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Social Security Evaluations

The Social Security Administration will have people who are applying for disability benefits undergo a psychological examination for several different reasons:

  • You may have applied for benefits due to psychological difficulties

  • You may have applied for benefits due to problems with memory, attention, or learning

  • The records that you have submitted may indicate that you have received medication or therapy for psychological concerns at some point in your life

Types of Evaluations

Please read your paperwork carefully to determine the type of evaluation you will have. The evaluation that can take up to three hours involves cognitive testing, academic achievement testing, a visual-motor screener, and an interview. You or your child will be seen by both myself and one of my employees during this evaluation, and it typically takes two to two and a half hours to complete.

The evaluation that states that it can take up to two hours involves you completing some background paperwork and then having an interview with me. This type of evaluation typically takes 45 minutes to one hour.


The results of your evaluation are put into a written report and submitted to social security. Due to rules imposed by social security, I am not allowed to release copies of completed reports. If you would like a copy of the report, or for a copy of the report to be sent to your doctor or your child's school, please contact social security, and they will let you know how to accomplish this. 


I have been performing evaluations to assist in the determination of eligibility for social security benefits for over 13 years. I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have leading up to the evaluation. Please feel free to call me at 678-242-9977, or to email me through the Contact Me link below.