You may have just recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness, or you may have been coping with one for years. Even if you were just recently diagnosed, you are probably exhausted and frustrated with how long it took to get an accurate diagnosis or to find the right treatment. If you have been managing a chronic illness for years, you may feel worn down and tired of having to alter your life in many ways in order to accommodate your illness.


Oftentimes when you are struggling with chronic illness or chronic pain, It can feel like your friends and family are tired of hearing you talk about your symptoms, and they may perceive you as "just complaining." This can lead to you feeling alone in your experience and believing that no one understands what you are going through. The long road toward diagnosis and treatment, along with the isolation that often accompanies this experience, can contribute to negative emotional symptoms (such as anxiety and depression) along the way. These emotional symptoms then often make it even more difficult to cope with chronic illness or chronic pain.

Chronic Illness and COVID-19

Having a chronic illness while dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19 poses some unique challenges. You may be particularly fearful of contracting the virus due to your already compromised immune system. You may have to be even more isolated than the average person, which can lead to increased symptoms of anxiety, panic, or depression. It may be more difficult to obtain the medical care that you need to treat the illness(es) that you already have, which can lead to flare ups or relapses. You may also be frustrated about how the general public may not be taking their responsibility to protect the immunocompromised seriously enough. Obtaining therapy for chronic illness or chronic pain through an online format during this time can help you cope with all of these challenges and the feelings brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak. Schedule an appointment online or contact me now to see how I can help.


Counseling For Chronic Illness Can Help

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness or chronic pain will bring many changes to your life, including changes in how you work or go to school and changes in your relationships. Adjusting to the physical and emotional ups and downs brought on by chronic illness can be so hard, and often people feel isolated when going through this experience. Therapy for pain management or chronic illness can provide education about coping skills for dealing with these changes and emotions, as well as a place to discuss and get support for your experiences. 

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